Great Comment on Oleszek's Inneptitude and Dishonest Campaign

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Had to promote this great comment by Tony, responding to my discussion of Janet Oleszek's incompetence and her campaign's effort to deceive voters (reminiscent of the tactics used by those peddling lies in an attempt to defeat the Marriage Amendment). Check it out:

Like any large school system, Fairfax County will typically have very excellent and very poor teachers...clearly, now, Oleszek shows where she stood as a teacher - and her performance may well explain why she left teaching to become a board member.

Besides being "poor" in her grasp of concepts, thoughts and the basic structure of the spoken english language, I can only imagine how she "tainted" the content of her courses that she taught.

What values did she teach our children if she cannot run an honest campaign? What did she teach our children about honesty and integrity? Based on this latest issue campaign finance issue, and what I've seen from her campaign regarding the attacks on Cuccinelli (that, with just a bit of research, one can find information that shows the attacks to be baseless) it causes me great concern.

I'd like to believe I am representative of a "normal" Fairfax County resident - I belong to the Smithsonian and the NRA, and subscribe to Scientific American and the Washintonia - I like the idea of having all sides of any issue openly discussed...what I cannot stand about Oleszek is she comes across as "preachy" - and "I know better than you...just trust me" - and has the gall to say that her views are "mainstream"...after attending the debate between she and Cuccinelli at Springfield, two things became clear - 1) she has poor communications skills, and an inability to use logic based arguments and 2) she cannot answer questions honestly.

She was a teacher - she uses this credential constantly - how could we allow such an opinionated, unqualified person have access to the growing minds of our children? It is frightening...

I agree, it is frightening. Let's all work as hard as we can to support Senator Cuccinelli and keep this lady out of Richmond.

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Ron said:

More to the point, I start to wonder if Ken Cuccinelli has actually educated more children than Janet ever has.

Susan said:

Janet hasn't taught any student in 35 years. She's been a stay at home mom. It was my understanding that she taught special ed, very briefly,

She's been horrible on the school board. It's rare that anyone knows what she is talking about, speaking very,very,slowly as if addressing a room filled with toddlers. She would make a lovely grandmother or pre school teacher, but certainly does NOT belong in government representing anyone.

Ron said:

It gets better. Janet's campaign is robocalling people to say that Ken Cuccinelli voted for the "abuser fee tax hike" that only applies to Virginia residents and not those from out of state. She must be getting really desperate to tell outright lies like that!

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