Now's The Time To Change My Mind

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I'm calling out all you whimps. Yes, I mean those gutless wonder commentors that allude to knowing all these juicy secrets about candidates but don't elaborate. Well it's time to grow a pair (yes, ladies, you too) and show us what you are made of. I feel that you owe it to our readers to devulge knowledge of candidates that may affect our voting. I surely don't want to cast the wrong vote for not knowing all the dirt. Is Delgaudio a Mafia Don? Is West a member of the KKK? How about York taking lunch in county offices with a dominatrix? Did Phillips use to work for the KGB? I want the dirt where someone has photocopied neighborhood kids on their shorts.

The rules are simple:
1. If it is public knowledge or already known-who cares.

2. It has to be why a candidate shouldn't hold office-not why a candidate should.

3. Local/state candidates only. We'll get to the nationals later on.

4. Has to be PROVABLE and easily ACCESSABLE. Confirmation is a MUST. Pictures, videos, audio at legitament locations golden! "an anonymous source says" or "it is rumored that" or "my aunt Jenny told me" are no good and not provable.

Time to show us what you REALLY know. Change my mind-I'm susceptible to change. After the election doesn't count. If the comment count remains zero I won't be suprised. As the saying goes, "wind blows free".

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ACTivist said:

Well, I see that I was correct and all you blowhearts with that "insider" information failed to come thru. Imagine that. I guess that my conservative ticket is the right choice and I voted such. Hope all you rumor-millers don't get what you want so that the citizens win this election.

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