Oleszek Scandal Continues

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Yesterday I reported on the growing scandal with uber-liberal Janet Oleszek. Just checked VPAP this morning to see if the Hoot had decided to comply with Virginia law and report the 200K she received to pay for her dishonest attack ad (and we know she must have received such a donation because of her previously low cash-on-hand figures and the face that you pay C.O.D. for this kind of TV ad buy). Still nothing.

S037 Oleszek, Janet Democratic Party of Virginia 10/25/2007 $16,782 S037 Oleszek, Janet Loren W. Hershey 10/26/20 $3,500 S037 Oleszek, Janet Rex Simmons for Delegate 10/26/2007 $2,000 S037 Oleszek, Janet MidAtlantic Reg. Council of Carpenters PAC 10/27/2007 $1,000 S037 Oleszek, Janet VA Leadership PAC- Multi-Candidate Committee 10/27/2007 $1,000

What is she hiding? This must be from a pretty sketchy source if she is choosing to flagrantly violate Virginia law rather than let voters know who is putting cash in her pocket. Then again, she has proven to be such an incredibly incompetent individual maybe she really is simply too inept to properly file campaign finance disclosures. After all, she clearly can barely string together a coherent sentence (h/t Chris):

Either way, citizens of the 37th Senate District can't afford to have her representing them down in Richmond.

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charles said:

You know she didn't do well in their interview since the Washington Post couldn't endorse her even though they hate Ken, and WANTED to endorse her.

They don't have really high standards for Democrats, and they still could not endorse her.

ACTivist said:

There is almost enough material there to air a new sitcom next year. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. The sobering thought is the school teacher part. THIS is what public education with teachers of her mindset are doing to our youth. Scarey!

Tony said:

Like any large school system, Fairfax County will typically have very excellent and very poor teachers...clearly, now, Oleszek shows where she stood as a teacher - and her performance may well explain why she left teaching to become a board member.

Besides being "poor" in her grasp of concepts, thoughts and the basic structure of the spoken english language, I can only imagine how she "tainted" the content of her courses that she taught.

What values did she teach our children if she cannot run an honest campaign? What did she teach our children about honesty and integrity? Based on this latest issue campaign finance issue, and what I've seen from her campaign regarding the attacks on Cuccinelli (that, with just a bit of research, one can find information that shows the attacks to be baseless) it causes me great concern.

I'd like to believe I am representative of a "normal" Fairfax County resident - I belong to the Smithsonian and the NRA, and subscribe to Scientific American and the Washintonia - I like the idea of having all sides of any issue openly discussed...what I cannot stand about Oleszek is she comes across as "preachy" - and "I know better than you...just trust me" - and has the gall to say that her views are "mainstream"...after attending the debate between she and Cuccinelli at Springfield, two things became clear - 1) she has poor communications skills, and an inability to use logic based arguments and 2) she cannot answer questions honestly.

She was a teacher - she uses this credential constantly - how could we allow such an opinionated, unqualified person have access to the growing minds of our children? It is frightening...

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