Romney? Giuliani? McCain?

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I nearly cried when I read this Washington Post story, and I think I still might. Last week broke my faith in my state party, and I think this may have done it for the national one.

Guess I'll start considering who I'm going to support for President in '08 anew. Thoughts? (by thoughts I mean intelligent thought--Equality [fill in the blank] members need not apply)

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George Clement said:

I'm struggling with the choices too. The positive thing is that with GOP voters still up for grabs the candidates have to work and perfect the msg a lot more this time. I hope it will make for a more prepped candidate for the general (whoever it is).

I'm leaning toward Romney (at this moment) but Giuliani is a close second.

Had Enough said:

It will be interesting to see how this plays out:

Judith Regan claims in her complaint that "News Corp. tried to destroy her reputation because she has information about former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik that would be harmful to ex-New York Mayor Giuliani and his presidential campaign."

I've heard that most men divulge secrets to their mistress that sometimes come back to kick them in the ass.

I don't get it, all Giuliani did was give a press conference every day after 9/11. He did nothing more than any other mayor would have to do in the same situation.

He should have done more to prevent it.

George Clement said:

not sure I agree that Rudy did nothing but press conf after 9/11. I know he went to a lot of funerals and he didn't hide behind his desk like Nagin.

jacob said:

I am not enamored of a RG presidency but he did a good job as before mayor and after 9/11. saying he just held a press conference is a lie.

ACTivist said:

The "big" names carry more weight and that is why we should look at them first? Wish Fred would get off his ass and do something. At this point my candidate would be Duncan Hunter! It is still about sensible actions and values.

Ottie said:

Huckabee comes over as a steady, sensible person. I disagree with some of his ideas, but basically I believe he'd make a good president. No chance, though, alas!

Had Enough said:

= Amnesty for illegal aliens

Chris said:

Wanna help feel better about the party? Try nad help recruit Eric Cantor to run for the US Senate. I know its a long shot, but some of us believe its never too late. We just started this petition today and hope that you guys take a look at this and try and spread the word!

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