Signs Revisited....And Trespassing!

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"Signs! Signs! Everywhere are signs". Song sooooo true! I must commend the Poison/Red Herring/George camps for their tag-teaming efforts of the last few days wiping out the sceneic countryside with their sigms. Delgaudio also (sorry Eugene. Your politics are okay but your signs are a litter eyesore). I was even able to give my daughter a taste of politics on the ride home from school. Seems that the Red Herring camp was busy putting signs directly in front of the opposing parties' signs so that they could not be read. I even saw signs pulled up as there were not enough of their own to cover all the oppositions. As I pulled to the side of the road, the Red Herring helper hastily sped away. Turn around is fair play and my like-minded daughter and I decided to change the signs in this one event. Now on a normal day I would have just removed every sign I find but as quickly as this idiot takes them up, some other idiot puts them back. It is a losing proposition for one individual.

Today I come home and find one of my 3 yard signs (different candidates) pulled up and in the street. No, the wind didn't do it as I plant them deep and allow them to swing in the frame. Upon my door I found a hanger soliciting votes for Poison and Red Herring. Coincidence? I think not. The sign is private property and the yard is also. This in turns tells of the candidates. Like minded people tend to stick together like glue and it is a cop-out to deny to know what your staffers/help are doing. After all, don't the candidates come up with (or okay) the strategies and give the marching orders to their minions. Had I witnessed this act first hand I guarrentee that the person that didn't show respect for my property would have been shown no mercy for his/her physical well-being. That is just criminal pure and simple (I wonder if not-knowing-right-from-wrong David would agree with me?)

I'm sure you have voted by now. If not, do it. It is all the little things that these people pass off as "what's the big deal, anyway" that builds up to a manure pile so large that you can never dig yourself out of or get rid of. We don't need this lack of integrity ANYWHERE is the state of Virginia and if it means starting locally and working upward, then that's what needs to be done.

You know me. I hate signs. I hate a lack of respect and integrity more. Act now!

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Common Idiot said:

Some candidates intentionally pull signs from the houses of supporters and move them to roadways. Couldn't that have happened to you?

ACTivist said:

The sign was in my yard near the road so as to be seen by vehicular traffic. To answer your question, no!

David said:

I have a question. I gather from your post that Republican campaign workers would actually leave a door hanger at a home displaying the opposing candidates yard signs. Is this true?

I don't think that's a good GOTV strategy.

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