demands recount!!!

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RWN said:

Please consider helping Senator Cuccinelli during the recount effort. Lawyers cost money. Anything from a $10 to a $100 donation will go a long way to help the cause.

Ottie said:

How crass to put a skeleton next to the lady! Infantile IMO.

ACTivist said:

She has the right. That is election law. Hope it doesn't turn into a Bush/Gore ordeal.

Billy said:


No, that was pretty funny.

G.Stone said:

Another Dem pissing away our money. What did you expect ?

Ron said:

OK, it is her right to seek the recount, so I am not going to be critical (though I doubt it will change the results of the election). That being said, Janet does bear a remarkable familial resemblance to that skeleton guy. LOL

If the situation were reversed and Ken were seeking a recount, you can be sure that the Democrats would post an even more tasteless cartoon (complete with obscenities).

Amen to Ron's remarks ("if the situation were reversed").

I'll have to ponder the Skeletor comparison. The similarity hadn't occurred to me, but then again the first time I saw a picture was only a day ago, in the Washington Times, when they announced that basically she has a tough time accepting reality.

Anonymous said:

Six of the seven letters in her name are also in Skeletor's name. Coincidence?

Linda B said:

Anon above was me ... don't know why it didn't record my name.

Ottie said:

There's no T or R in her name. This seems to have turned into a spelling game. As I said earlier; infantile. Pretty dull Sunday afternoon for us who don't watch the Redskins, huh?

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