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Karen Schultz Touts Non-Existent Endorsements

Continues Her Campaign of Deception

Warrenton - - State Senate candidate Karen Schultz is attempting to pass off donations to her campaign as "endorsements" on her website, one of the most glaring examples of Schultz's dishonesty with the citizens of Virginia's 27 th District. Schultz has even gone so far as to claim a "joint endorsement" of both campaigns by the Northern Virginia Technology Council, a statement that is clearly not possible - the council donated equal amounts to both campaigns.

"It sickens me that Karen Schultz has run such a dishonest campaign to mislead voters about what she stands for and about who supports her," stated Sheriff Williamson of Frederick County . "Schultz has touted many falsehoods hoping to fool voters, even basics like her endorsements."

Sheriff Williamson continued, "We all know she faked a Washington Post endorsement, but she has also gone on the record citing endorsements by the Virginia Nurses Association and the Northern Virginia Technology Council. These organizations contributed to Jill Vogel and did not endorse Schultz. It is shameful. Anyone who doesn't know the difference between an endorsement and a contribution would have difficulty understanding state government. This is just another example of the shady and false campaign Karen Schultz is running - playing fast and loose with the facts."

Jill Vogel has been endorsed by U.S. Senator John Warner, U.S. Congressman Frank Wolf, Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling, Attorney General Bob McDonnell, The Washington Post, The Washington Times and many others. For a complete list of Vogel's endorsements please visit her website at VoteJill.com.

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Anonymous said:


In Northern Virginia, NVTC TechPAC supports and endorses the following candidates for the Senate of Virginia:

* Senator Chuck Colgan (29th District)
* Senator Jeannemarie Devolites Davis (34th District)
* Senator Mark R. Herring (33rd District)
* Senator Janet D. Howell (32nd District)
* Senator Jay O'Brien (39th District)
* Candidate Karen Schultz (27th District)
* Candidate Jill Holtzman Vogel (27th District)
* Senator Toddy Puller (36th District)
* Senator Richard L. Saslaw (35th District)
* Senator Patricia S. Ticer (30th District)
* Senator Mary Margaret Whipple (31st District)

Gray said:

Jill is a pathetic, horrible candidate. She knows she is going to lose. Bringing on a no name sheriff who was once a Democrat is pretty shady in itself.

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