Who Hates Zimzo?

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I'm tired of remodeling and I have pre-election anxiety so I figured I'd waste 10 minutes so as to relieve stress. What better way then to pick on Zippo (my affectionate name whose gender is unknown to me). Zippo is the champion of liberal lunacy. There is not a statement made that Zippo can't misconstrue. S/he's as bad as my ex-wife. Not only do I think that he mis-understands everything, I feel he is also mis-understood. If you were to invite Zippo to a brain-storming session it would end in loss of any cognitive thought and create a vaccum that would rival outerspace.
I believed at the beginning of my dealings with Zippo that s/he cared until I realized what s/he was about. There is no subject that is blogged that can't be tied in one way or the other to two main subjects; race and homosexuality. The guy/girl is amazing! I just can't fathom how s/he does it! And s/he has guts, too! Why s/he even told us that his/her wife was ugly.
Now s/he has been called ridiculous, an idiot, condescending, socialist, liberal, gadfly, lunatic, radical and much more. I think by this resume that s/he has worked up, that s/he was a very important person. Maybe SpinMeister for the Bubba Billy administration. Heck, s/he might be working for the Hilly camp in the same capacity! S/he certainly has the credentials for it.
You realize that this is all in fun to break up the horror of the collapse of Americanism as we use to know it. Yes, Zippo, you are helping to tear down our borders and throw out our sovereignty. Fighter for anything goes and the oppressed illegals. What would we ever blog about without you. You bring such a darkness to every conversation. I could never really say I hate you. May think about it on occasion but I would never really say it.

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Sanity said:

Go Zimzo! You da man! (Or woman, or extraterrestrial, whatever.)

G.Stone said:

What the hell is a Zimzo anyway ?

Jack said:

No-one is really sure. But I will say I dislike the "Zippo" appellation. The Zippo is a true American icon that provided light and warmth and was cherished my millions of servicemen around the globe.

Zimzo is a communist firebrand.

ACTivist said:

I was using "Zippo" as "zero". Didn't even correlate it to the lighter. You make a valid argument and since I believe in our serviceman and their sacrifice, I will change and refrain from using that term in the future. Communist it is! I mean Zimzo.

No Hate said:

Hate is a very strong word but for the few people who continue to post here, unfortunately, it’s something that’s part of them.


While I disagree very strongly with zimzo, and at times I think he purposely states things that he knows are inflammatory just to be inflammatory. I think his world view is from the perspective of one who is blind from repressing the truth that is revealed in nature, but I also know the same was true for me. I pity him, not hate him.

ACTivist said:

No Hate,
As you can see so far, although hate is a strong word there have been no takers that hate Zimzo. I do hate oppression, socialism and the destruction of our sovereign nation. That truly is a part of me!

No Hate said:


Good to hear, I “try” not to hate, but I do dislike or disagree with people who are intolerant to others that do not treat their other man as an equal. Do you care to comment?

zimzo said:


No Hate said:


ACTivist said:

Zimzo and No Hate,
You two sleeping together?

No Hate, that was really old, stale bait that you used. Not sure I understand what you are trying to say. Do you dislike those that are intolerant of others or do you dislike those that don't treat their fellow man as equal?

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