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The signs have begun appearing on the VDOT right-of-ways. Me, personaly, believe it nothing more than an eyesore. If you think that I don't understand your name by the first sign and you must remind me every five feet for a quarter mile, I am assuming that you believe me to be a moron and you don't need my vote if that is the case.
A sign like "Kerry/Edwards-For A Stranger America" has great truth but doesn't really tell you much. Find a sign, write down the name, and when you get back to your computer find out what he/she is all about. The sign won't tell you that. Also, if the sign shows up in SPANISH, time to nix that candidate. If you can't understand English, you can't vote. This sign would be considered pandering.
Be careful with your contributions. When a candidate uses his funds to obliterate the countryside with signage, that is ill spent. The bigger the sign, the bigger the eyesore. If older people need something that big to read then they are probably already reading Braille. Remember, the one with the most signs, LOSES!
I find that VDOT has found a way to tax every utility I get to keep the right-of-ways clean and maintained. Yet there are always signs left over from winners and losers for months to come. Put the signs in your yard. Keep the right-of-ways clean. And do your research BEFORE you vote for a sign!

Roads To Nowhere

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More taxes generated for more roads that someone thinks we need. Who do these roads serve? I moved to Loudoun county over 30 years ago to get away from the metrpolitan area. I also took a job that was close to where I lived. What don't you people understand about "work where you live or live where you work?

My job is driving the roads in this area the majority of my work day. It has gone from bad to worse, especially since we don't have "savvy" drivers that know how help make traffic flow. What I see is a great "gaggle" (always liked that word) of cars on Rt. 7 heading to Tyson's and beyond. Then there is Rt. 28 towards 66 and on to points beyond. Fairfax County Parkway to 95. We built these roads for easement of traffic congestion when in actuality we have been creating a new breed of people...cake eaters!

How rich.

No one jet pooled, no one took commercial flights to save money, fuel or emissions.

Here's what you do next time someone starts talking to you about how we need to make massive changes in our lifestyles and economy in order to ward off the warming of the Earth: Punch them in the nose. After enough punches in the nose, they will all shut up.

If you're not the punchin' type, just laugh in their face and take the keys to their car, saying "I get the car, you go get a bicycle. You don't deserve a car."

Help us fight global warming

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Don't think about it, just click, damn you.

On a related note, the more traffic we receive on this blog, the less time I will have to drive around town in my truck sightseeing. So put us on your blogroll, visit each day, send out links to our articles via e-mail and you'll be helping to save the Earth. Thank you.

Striped Bass Season

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Inside this little treat that showed up in the mail today from the Aquaculture Development and Seafood Marketing Program of Maryland are 7 recipes for Striped Bass, 4 recipes for Perch, and 1 recipe for Oyster Dressing. If I can figure out how to edit posts without deleting them, I'll list them all. For now, though, find the Free State Baked Stuffed Rockfish below the fold:

Wow... I just finished watching this movie.

Very well done examination of the global warming alarmists and the very tragic and real human cost of their political efforts in the developing world.

Their agenda is clear:

"We have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements, and make little mention of any doubts we may have."

-- Stephen Schneider, a leading advocate of the global warming theory in an interview for Discover magazine in 1989

Anyways, check it out.

UPDATED: Some more good stuff on this topic over at Dogwood Pundit.

Weekend Photos

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Being as how the blog posting action has been kind of slow here I'm going to do what I always seem to do which is reach way back into the imagination grab bag and yank out something that could be interesting or, just as likely, self-incriminating. What the hey. The next step is to go down to the Herndon Day Labor center and gather up some undocumented bloggers to come back here and share their personal stories, but I'm not going to shell out $9 an hour unless things become truly desperate. But, nevertheless, y'all better be brushing up on your espanol just in case.

So here is a bunch of photos. I love the photo gig. (Hey, did you figure out yet that Kevin has another site going? Right here. The man is a frickin' artiste, is what he is.)

These are all of the Sandia Mountains in Albuquerque in October. We took an amazing sky tram ride and saw views that 100 years ago you'd basically have to sacrifice your life to see.








UPDATE: A few more below the fold.

New Mexico Photojournal

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With a few days to kill before returning to the ol' Beltway mosh pit, we decided to drive around New Mexico. Missing out on the mother of all abortion discussions is a burden I must bear, but nature made up for it by allowing us to experience the wettest this state has been in a generation or two. Prior to our arrival there was a month of massive precipitation, and the past few days have seen over three inches.

Looking out the window during the flight in I thought Alburquerque looked depressingly brown, but a resident I mentioned this to (a transplant from Shenandoah, VA) said this is as verdant as she'd ever seen it.

That's probably the most incisive, factual observation you're going to get in this travelogue, being as how I've been working the whole week and am not very observant anyways. But I promise some cool pictures. If you've never been to northern New Mexico, you should find it mildly interesting.

(Note: The Balloon Festival has been grounded since Saturday - tough luck for those who came in specifically for that - but today they appear to be all systems go. The morning news just showed the Intel balloon is up and away.)

To the uninformed eye (i.e., me), the biggest natural difference between New Mexico and Arizona is the grass. Where Arizona, like Las Vegas and Palm Springs, has zero outside of the landscaping, New Mexico's undeveloped areas are pretty thick with it, reminiscent more of the Midwest than the desert Southwest.


Our excursion was up to Santa Fe: one of the oldest cities in the U.S. and, like so much of this part of America, a place imbued with Indian culture.


(Click below for the rest and give the page a second to load as it has a few photos, eh?)

An inconvenient study

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As I perused Al Gore's new book while waiting in line to meet him, one thought that kept coming up was the following:

"This guy is so full of sh-t his eyes are brown."

But I said this to myself with a feeling of admiration. I was not planning to see his movie until someone paid me to do so, just on general principles, but now I'm thinking the entertainment value might just make it worth my while. I grew up entranced by overwrought doomsday melodramas, from the extinction/ loss-of-habitat/ disappearing-way-of-life specials from National Geographic and PBS to prime time beauties like The Day After (shortly after which I suddenly grew up). I read The Population Bomb and all the news stories about the imminent global freeze.

After I learned how a large amount of this stuff was all hokum designed to appeal to certain human emotions like pity and fear, I developed a degree of admiration for the genre.

The dramatic themes are almost archtypal and a skilled director with an appropriate score could make you weep like a baby over the plight of garden worms during planting season.

I will bet money that An Inconvenient Truth utilizes many of the same themes and techniques that had me spellbound back when I was a liberal much younger.

Most inconvenient for Al Gore and those intrepid revolutionaries determined to read his book with a straight face, is this new study undermining the claim of a link between global warming and hurricane ferocity:

The paper, co-written by Chris Landsea of the National Hurricane Center in West Miami-Dade, challenges earlier findings that hurricanes have grown more powerful in the last 30 years.

It says those studies failed to account for technological improvements that now produce more accurate -- and often higher -- estimates of a storm's power than were available in the past.

'If you say, 'Hey, the number of Category 4 and 5 storms has doubled since 1970,' you have to ask where is that coming from and can we accept that as true,'' said Landsea, one of the nation's leading hurricane researchers, who now serves as science and operations officer at the hurricane center.

His answer: Probably not, because the databases used for historical studies are so skewed.

But this is only one study, and An Inconvenient Truth makes a lot of claims. We're going to need a lot more studies.

My prediction: A comet will hit the Earth before the negative impact of global warming can be proved or disproved.

Al Gore in Sterling

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...Sorry, that should have read:


I wandered down to the local Costco to wile away a few minutes in the air conditioned aisles piled three storeys high with glistening merchandise, as is my wont, and here's what greeted me.


"Al Gore book signing! Vice President Al Gore is signing books in the store right now! Get a signed copy of Al Gore's new book! Al Gore book signing! Get your peanuts and cold drinks heah!"

Ok that last phrase was made up, but that Cosco guy was yelling to drum up interest, and the former VP was there at lunchtime today, all right. The line to get An Inconvenient Truth signed by the author was a couple hundred shoppers long, but as a dutiful citizen journalist I knew what I had to do. So I got in line and spent about 15 minutes thinking of some witty repartee I might have with the Inconvenient One himself.

As it turned out, the line moved real fast, because Al's handlers permitted no first names for personalization and in fact all you got to do was say "hi" before being wisked past. I didn't rock the boat, because the only thing I could think of to say was: "If global warming is eventually proven NOT to be a crisis for the Earth, I still think all the work you're doing is great."

Such a line doesn't work at all unless it gets to set in for a moment or two.

If I got a follow-up I would also have asked: "I heard you mention purchasing verifiable reductions elsewhere to offset your travel via private jets and large vehicles. Where can I get some of those for my SUV?"

Al did a nice job interacting with the line of folks, with a bare minimum of actual interaction but pleasant enough.


Yes, I did get myself a signed copy. So I've learned that if you want to convey a looming crisis, satellite photos of hurricanes in full color make a KILLER visual. Also good are floods, fires, deforestation, hockey-stick graphs, ships grounded in the middle of the desert, atomic bomb blasts - and I think there's even a shot of a kitten stuck in a tree. Stuff o' nightmares, I tells ya.

All of that is juxtaposed with some really nice pictures of Al. And let me tell you, the message works: Given a choice between Hurricane Katrina and the former VP sitting in a field, I'm a Gore man all the way.


And I'll gladly plunk down the $12.49 Costco price to get a prop for a blog post. We should all be prepared to sacrifice a little.

Hello to all the NOVATownhall readers. Thanks to Joe for inviting me to blog here. I hope I can bring both well informed and mature input to this site.

So…what better way to begin than a blog about South Park? In last night’s episode, Al Gore shows up and leads the South Park gang on a mission to save humanity from “ManBearPig…half man, half bear, half pig.” This spoof on Gore’s crusade against global warming find’s Gore chasing a creature that doesn’t exist while risking lives, claiming credit for things he never did, and just being generally annoying. The running gag response to the question of why anyone pays attention to him: “I feel bad for him…I don’t think he has any friends.”

Personally, I don’t believe global warming is a threat to life on earth. If it even exists, the threat’s been greatly exaggerated. George Will says it better than I could here. Intelligent minds may disagree and debate forever, but I think the bigger issue is Al Gore. Does anyone take this guy seriously anymore? Why aren’t the real environmentalists shutting him up? Do they really believe he helps their cause?

Since I am opposed to his position, I suppose I should just sit back and laugh at him. It’s fun.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention, Al Gore is the "star" of the upcoming movie "An Inconvenient Truth"...a documentary about global warming. I'm guessing the boringness of a documentary on global warming combined with the boringness of Al Gore will result in an extremely poor box office showing.

In a letter to Governor Kaine, Lieutenant Governor Bolling wrote:

"There is no issue more important to the Commonwealth, our citizens and our business community than developing a comprehensive statewide energy plan. We must begin the process of reducing our dependence on foreign oil, expanding the use of alternative energy sources and looking for ways to conserve energy. SB262 attempts to accomplish these important goals in a responsible manner that has been thoroughly reviewed and considered by the General Assembly."

The bill, sponsored by Senator Wagner (R-Virginia Beach), has come under fire from extreme environmental groups, like the Sierra Club, for including the potential for off-shore drilling. Bolling went on to state that the legislation "includes many other provisions that are important to the development of a comprehensive statewide energy plan that have absolutely nothing to do with off shore drilling. The Sierra Club's simplistic approach totally ignores these other important provisions of the legislation." The Sierra Club seems to be using off-shore drilling as a red herring in an attempt to sink the bill via veto.

The President declared in his most recent State of the Union that Americans must end their addiction to foreign oil, and the Virginia legislature has put forward a plan that will move our Commonwealth toward this goal. Environmental groups should be jumping at the opportunity to work with the Republican Party to find a real solution to our energy crisis, but their leaders seem to be more concerned with playing politics. Governor Kaine, who are you listening to?

Today Lieutenant Governor Bolling fired out a statement urging Governor Kaine to support SB262 (The Virginia Energy Bill) that would develop a comprehensive statewide energy plan. The Sierra club has been urging Kaine to veto this solid legislation because it would provide for a framework to begin considering offshore drilling.

Here is one of Bolling's great quotes:

“The Sierra Club’s simplistic approach appears to totally ignore these other important [non-drilling related] provisions of the legislation. This is another example of the Sierra Club’s blind anti-business, anti-energy orthodoxy.”

The full press release including the text of Bolling's letter to Kaine is below the fold. It will be interesting to see what Kaine does...

Ozone is good. Junk science says it is bad. Anything in excess is bad; however ozone is Mother Nature’s cleanser. Ozone breaks down pollutants. The more pollutants there are in the air, the more ozone is created to cleanse it. In that sense it can be an indicator of the presence and level of pollutants.

It is more like your blood pressure that indicates there is a problem. Reducing blood pressure does not cure the problem. You still need blood pressure to get healing oxygen to the site of the problem in your body.

We need ozone to cleanse the air. It is an oxidant. The weather reporters on TV are fuelling the junk science by not explaining ozone as an indicator. They say 'ozone pollution' because it is easier than referring to the chemical soup that comprises air pollution. Ozone is created by sunshine and is not pollution. Be happy it is here.

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