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Although I appreciate all of our readers who comment, even the crazy ones, I've wanted to discuss something for a long time.

Kitchen Blog: Crock Pot Chuck Roast

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No time to blog substantively because I'm off to meet Blog Fu guy. But I do need to put a chuck roast on to cook so we'll blog that, perhaps initiating a new category here in the process.

(And I must say this notion of blogging one's household chores could yield a veritable font of material from yours truly. This could be a new era.)

Title of Project: Joe's Very Easy To Prepare Chuck Roast

Purpose of Project: Get finished and out of the house ASAP

Hypothesis: From start to finish, I can get everything into the crock pot in less than five minutes


1). Take all of the following ingredients out of the refrigerator, shopping bags, kitchen cabinet, or wherever else they happen to be:


Bay leaf
Minced garlic
1 pkg Wegman's stew vegetables (onion, potato, carrot, celery)
1 pkg Wegman's sliced onion and pepper
(If you don't have a Wegmans, you could buy a vegetable "party tray" at any supermarket and use it. Do not use the dip)
1 pkg Sliced shitaake mushrooms
3-5 lb chuck roast

2) Put them all in the crock pot


Total elapsed time between first and second photographs: 3 minutes 35 seconds, including putting dish in sink, spices back in closet and trash in the trash can.

3) Turn crock pot on for 8 hours, low heat.

Stay tuned for updates in about 7 hours.

UPDATE: Not too shabby.


To be a little more precise, and without any risk of hyperbole: It may be one of the best dishes I've ever experienced on the face of this Earth, with a tastiness quotient approaching a Jacob- and -Esau - birthright- sacrifices level of savoriness, a total Biblical three-star cuisine scenario.

A good dish.

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