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Good game, just not quite good enough

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Congrats to the Redskins for rising to the occasion and playing the Cowboys even until the final minutes. With Dallas favored by over 10 and the 'Skins missing a key player on both offense and defense I thought it had all the makings of an upset and we almost saw one. Like they say, forget about stats and records when these two teams play.

On a housekeeping note, we are still in the midst of troubleshooting the technical problems here which have caused the huge issues with comments, made creating new posts dicey (sometimes you create two for the price of one) and have also made it difficult to make any changes to the templates (i.e. adding material to the sidebars). On the whole everything has gotten REAL slow performance wise. The Movable Type people are trying to help us figure out what has gone wrong the past few weeks, and I am confident we will soon be back in business here. Thanks to everyone for your patience. Once we get it all worked out, I expect to be posting regularly again.

More Romo-mania

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Ah, all is right with the world.

After weeks of wondering when quarterback Tony Romo will get a new deal, the wondering can cease.

Romo and the Cowboys have agreed in principal on a six-year extension worth $67.5 million, which includes just north of $30 million guaranteed, league sources told

And now, back to your regularly scheduled world crisis.

Men Against Nature

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I just had the great pleasure of spending a day with our own Kevin of Digital Camel fame.

Whether it's how many fish can you catch or how early can you possibly start drinking, such mysteries are answered when men of a certain caliber pool their resources.

More here.

Much more, here.


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Major, Mega Excitement

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If you are not already sitting please do so now, before you read any further about what I have to disclose, because I cannot be held responsible for you falling down and cracking your head open from the sheer unbelievability of the following news:

"Soccer" player David Beckham is coming to America to play the "game." Notwithstanding the fact he was apparently sitting on the bench in Europe, while his teammates were running up and down the field in pursuit of the ever elusive 1-1 tie score, he will be paid $1 million per week here.

More than anything, this is reassuring evidence the United States is a really prosperous society, to the point of ridiculous wastefulness.

In related news, noted bonsai expert Steve Choi invites all Americans to visit his garden in Maryland where you get to watch trees.

Marshmallow Man, Gators Fan

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After an absolutely horrible, atrocious season for true football fans, tonight must serve as some consolation - nay, a wonderful consolation and triumph. I'm glad to finally have some legitimate common ground with my 200 ft. tall, very puffy friend.

UPDATE: Great Caesar's ghost, Florida did not just rise to the occasion, they are the occasion. There are still over 8 1/2 minutes left and the Buckeyes have given up and this one is over. Great coaching job by Florida and EXCELLENT effort by the Gators players. They have executed perfectly on both sides of the ball. The teams are not mismatched, but Florida brought their best game of the season and Ohio State did not.

UPDATE II: This is a great win for the entire SEC. I'm not sure if Eric has fully apprehended that fact but over time I am certain he will.

UPDATE III: Earl Everett's chase-and-tackle of Troy Smith, with NO HELMET, followed by the shot of Everett getting his face fixed up on the sideline, is one of the great visual sequences in football. I'm sure we will see a lot more of that one.

UPDATE IV: Thirteen of Florida's starters are true freshmen and QB Tim Tebow has 4 possible years ahead of him. After some pretty rough years following Spurrier's departure, things must be looking up in Gainesville.

'Boys under the boot

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I'll say it first before No Relation or his patriarch chime in: The Cowboys have a ways to go before they can be considered a decent team:
"Just pitiful. I'm just stunned," Jones said. "A game like this indicts us at the top, just straight through. It's just disappointing. We ought to be able to have something very special happen to us with (Tony) Romo's emergence. ... You ought to be able to take the pieces that you carefully considered, drafted and built, and those pieces ought to be able to be a good supporting cast, and that's not happening for us."

Dallas had so much to play for in its last two home games yet didn't play like a team worthy of a reward.

Before the stinker against Philadelphia, the Cowboys played New Orleans with second place in the NFC on the line. They responded with their worst defensive game of the season.

So much for Parcells' reputation of getting teams to peak at the right time.

Romo also stunk up the field, along with the defense, so putting the blame on Parcells is a bit simplistic. The whole team did not fall apart because of Coach Bill. The team fell apart because the majority are freshmen and sophomores.

The bottom line is, this is a very young team, still learning about the most basic of mistakes and how to avoid them.

That's also their saving grace, because they are young and have plenty of salary cap room for next year.

But they need to grow up in a hurry in January or they will be smashed and smothered out.

Christmas Wife-O-Meter

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Here's how you can tell you have the greatest wife in the world: She buys you crack for your birthday and this for Christmas.

Romo on a Roll

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PDTIG, but that Tony Romo sure is something, ain't he?



With this kid at quarterback, the Cowboys are looking like veritable Giant-killers. I mean, shudder the thought, but they're looking almost like Bear-killers.

Let me take a break from the usual topics and share my glee over Da Bears. And let me say, we owe it to Coach Smith.

Now, "coolest guy ever" is not a title I give out lightly. I would easily give it to Jesus Christ, but since he is both man and God, I still haven't made up my mind if that qualifies him for "guyness". If it does, Lovie Smith will have to be #2. But that's still really good.

If I can ever find the strength to forgive Ditka for the New Orleans thing, he would get my "coolest guy ever" award. But I'm human. Forgiveness is divine, or however that stupid saying goes.

If anyone cares to vote on this issue, I will take your vote into consideration. However, on the "Coolest Guy Ever" award, I hold strict veto power, and I've already made up my mind. So your vote is worthless. But please, entertain me with it anyway. Also, while I'm harmless, I can be very scary towards those who dare cross Da Bears.

"Bo Schembechler is dead"

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From the Daily: Bo Schembechler embodied - and strengthened - football tradition

Everyone better be rooting for the right side today! (that's Michigan)


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